New Trinity Baroque

Atlanta, USA

4-stop Continuo Organ

This latest continuo organ to come out of the Jennings workshop features four stops and a dividing casework for ease of transport. It is decorated with a marbled effect.
Its dimensions are 1200mm/3’11” high, 1140mm/3’8″ wide, 700mm/2’3″ deep.

Stopped Diapason  8
Chimney Flute  4
Fifteenth  2
Twenty second 1 /Nineteenth 1 ⅓
Transposable from
A=392, 415, 430, 440 to 466Hz

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on New Trinity Baroque.
  1. Vance Reese

    Greetings, Mr. Jennings —
    I was looking at your site, which is really well done. The “New Trinity Baroque instrument is now owned by Brevard College in western North Carolina. I have the privilege of playing it being the organist of the school. I’ll be playing it this Sunday, in fact, with a colleague — a Marcello recorder sonata that he arranged for fluegelhorn. The instrument is a delight to play and matches my colleague’s sound. I thought you might like to know the current residence of this instrument.
    –Vance Reese

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