Hire Organ

This is a 4-stop continuo organ designed for concert and recording use.  It has a painted case with oak pipe shades.  Easily transposed to all pitches this instrument is highly portable and easy to tune.

Available for hire in the UK and northern Europe.

4-Stop Continuo Organ

8ft Stopped Diapason (wood)

4ft Principal (metal)

4ft Chimney Flute (wood)

2ft Fifteenth (metal)


on Hire Organ.
  1. Tim Thorne

    Hello, I am interested in hiring a chamber organ for a recording in Oxford on July 2 and 3 2019. What instruments do you have available and what would be the cost? Many thanks, Tim 07933 551330

    • Robin Jennings

      Dear Tim
      I’m Heather who handles Robin’s website. Have you had an answer on this? I wasn’t sure if the message had got though as it was a comment not a message? Heather
      I’ll pass it on to Robin to check.

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