Bach 2000 Organ

Built for Sir John Eliot Gardiner's Bach Cantatas Pilgrimage of 2000.

6-stop Continuo Organ

Built for Sir John Eliot Gardiner’s Bach Cantata pilgrimage in 2000, this six stop continuo organ features an 8ft open principal. Its casework is loosely designed after the Silbermann organ at Freiburg Cathedral, Germany.

This organ is widely travelled, visiting St Mark’s Venice, Musikverein Vienna, St Nicolai Leipzig, and many prestigious venues in the United Kingdom and is available for hire in Europe.

The dimensions are 1550mm/5′ high, 1360mm/4’5″ wide, 900mm/3′ deep.

Principal 8
Gedackt 8
Oktave 4
Ruhrflöte 4
Superoktave 2
Sifflöte 1/Quinte 1 ⅓

Transposable from A=415 to 440Hz

Bach 2000 Organ - Jennings Organs