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Bishop of Oxford dedicates new pipe organ in St Peter’s Wolvercote 9 December 2016 – Wolvercote, Oxford Press release On Sunday …

The wonderful moment when the plastic covering comes off the front pipes. Fabulous pipes once again from Shires Organ Pipes Ltd …

Sr. Raphael Foster (organist) “Our introduction to Robin Jennings was via Skype. John Cunningham as Client representative was with Robin in …

I don’t do much turning but having been let down by a supplier was forced to make some pipe feet…… Click …

Nearly there with the Guildhall School of Music’s continuo organ. Finishing touches include making three small stop knobs from English Boxwood. …

A couple of weeks of pipe making ahead. This includes making pipe feet and stopper handles. Here are some photos of …

Just started a couple of continuo organs. 3 stops including 8ft Stopped Diapason, 4ft Chimney Flute and the option of a …

First job of 2017 – an overhaul of Malcolm Greenhalgh’s 4-stop hire organ made in 2005. Definitely one of the most …

Jennings Organs
Jennings Organs3 weeks ago
BBC Radio 3’s evening concert tonight features one of my chamber organs played by Stevie Farr from Milton Court in London. All Handel repertoire.
Jennings Organs
Jennings Organs3 weeks ago
Not for the faint hearted - slicing up the keys on the bandsaw.
Jennings Organs
Jennings Organs
Jennings Organs added 12 new photos.3 weeks ago
I finished the blower box, wind regulator and connecting trunks today for Copenhagen. It's always a significant moment in a project when the wind is turned on for the first time. Here are a few pictures of the process.
Jennings Organs
Jennings Organs added 7 new photos.1 month ago
The casework for Copenhagen is coming on.
Jennings Organs
Jennings Organs added 4 new photos.2 months ago
More pipes for Copenhagen. These are the 4ft 'helpers' for the bottom octave of the 8ft Principal. Gently voiced and drawn with the 8ft Gedakt they give a very convincing open effect. A great way of saving space as it is obviously unrealistic to have 8ft open pipes in a continuo organ.
Jennings Organs
Jennings Organs2 months ago
The bottom octave of the 8ft Stopped Diapason for Copenhagen. The wood is American tulip wood. Not the most attractive timber but perfect for the job as it is strong, stable and relatively inexpensive.
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