Stanley Pontlarge

St Michael's

Chamber Organ

This organ was built for a tiny medieval church in the hamlet of Stanley Pontlarge. The church is over 800 years old. The organ is a loose copy of a 17th century Father Smith Chamber Organ.

Stopped Diapason (wood)  8
Principal (wood)  4
Twelfth (metal)  2 2/3
Fifteenth (metal) 2


on Stanley Pontlarge.
  1. Revd.Bill Huband

    A modification of your charming Stanley Pontlarge Organ, with say all wooden, 8′ open, 8′ stopped, and 4’flute, would be how much,say for end 2019 ?

    • -

      Dear Revd. Bill Huband
      I’ve sent your comment on to Robin.
      You can contact him directly on the email link on his ‘about’ page.

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